Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It is also its cure

  • I fancy myself a humble person. One evening, I sought confirmation of my humility from my daughter and granddaughter. I asked them if they all thought that I was humble. My granddaughter, Naina, who is known for her brashness, replied: “You must be joking! You love flattery. All these ladies who send you kebabs, kheer, cakes and flowers, give you enormous pleasure and inflate your ego. And the man who lays it on thick and keeps giving you vintage Scotch, flatters you as if you were a minor prophet.” As if this were not enough, my daughter, Mala, added; “When you are dazzling your audience with your wit, you expect them to say nice things about you. And when they fall silent, you feel bored and ask them to go. How can you call yourself humble?”

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