Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Struggle to make worth of life in youngage

  • As is evident in NYRS 2009, about 48% of all literate youth indicated that they supported it, while 35% were against caste-based reservations. While 54% of SC, 50% of ST and 47% of OBC are in favour of the current system, 43% of the general castes back it.
  • The youth are also often prone to violence. Frustration is a key driver of this increasingly marked attribute and it arises from unfulfilled aspirations. The major reasons for frustration in today’s youth are unemployment, injustice and corruption. What rubs salt on this wound is a sense of victimhood to the forces of unemployment, injustice and corruption. Their impressionable minds are hemmed in from all sides by glamorous objects and options that most cannot possess.

From Rajesh Shukla's Young, employed and Unhappy".

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