Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blame the hollowness of pity politics, not good economics

When we all see and read the words written on the walls of print media, electronic media, blogosphere etc in almost everyday; the unfettered drama and hollowness of pity politics and the mass murder of people in this republic is no less than the increasing of shamefulness on our face. I use the word “our face” meant to imply the liberals of India

Of courses there is a demand for movement for second independence, the economic freedom. The movement being called upon is visible yet only among few groups of people. But what reminds me always the words of thunderous silence of stones not being thrown in” at masses in this country to evoke against the pity politics which neither have good understanding of good economics nor have good intention to understand them first. Let it be clear about the movement of change that we all wanted to have in India in this twenty-first century. The movements are unfolding almost like scattered lights on the sky year after year! The journey of Centre for Civil Society (Delhi) is almost fourteen years old, the Sanjeev Sabhlok’s journey is more than a half dozen years old, the one man army of Sauvik Chakraverti’s movement is perhaps equal to the CCS’s journey or one of the longest journey if you take into account overtime works!!

What prompt me to say above lines is very simple that the blame game on India’s economic reform is mounting like anything. I am not referring the mass scams and corruptions which we all witnessing now. The process of pity politics has inflated the mass suicides of farmers in India and not by economic reforms. One can say more ‘if’ and ‘but’ taking many other issues of social and cultural aspects. I think I have conveyed the message I wanted to record here.

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