Monday, December 6, 2010

I would have redesignated Manmohan Singh as Minister of Poverty Creation -That fateful midnight

Here in India, we did win the Independence. And this week we have entered the…………..years, after Independence, our country seems consumed by disillusionment over what we have done with Independence and doubt over what to do next. Where at the dawn of freedom there was a kind of national consensus on what we should do to build our modern nationhood, that consensus now lies fragmented. ………Freedom has been heralded with a fractured electoral verdict that has put ……..regional satraps at the helm of the nation. There is no government of the Union. Is this the tryst we sought with destiny when freedom came at midnight?

Wrote Mani Shankar Aiyar in 1996 in The Indian Express, and what a better time than this after the recent Bihar election and its No Proof Required failure of Congress Nut.

“Has the Congress outlived its utility? Is it in terminal decline? Should it be assisted to the grave? asked Mr.Aiyar than and should ask now!! The very same questions!! Isn’t so?

And there are few senses and more of nonsense in rest of his article but it seems to be to me that he had feared the decline of Congress Nut what it now appears. What he concluded was the below.

“If the Congress is able to rejuvenate itself ideologically, the country will itself discover how much India needs the Congress; if we remain stuck in old grooves or abandon ideology for expediency then, perhaps, the fate of the Liberals will -- should? -- overtake us.

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