Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tips from Nobel laureate-Venkatraman Ramakrishnan

Top to bottom

  • “There is no magic formula for winning the Nobel Prize” 
  • “If India wins a single Nobel Prize it does not mean Indian science is okay” 
  • “Don’t work on anything that you’re not interested in — day-to-day science is extremely tedious,” 
  • “If you don’t gossip about the problem, then you’re not really interested in it. It’s (got to be) something you can’t help talking about. The problem has to be bugging you when you have a coffee 
  • “Also aim to go to the best place for your work,” 
  • “You can change fields with humility, 
  • “It’s a paradox that the biggest benefits of science to humanity have come from the fundamental science problems”

What one did not say has already been said about another Nobel Laureate in Economics science:

“And unlike that imposter Amartya Sen, this is the real deal. Ladies & Gentlemen, Professor Dixit”

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