Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Let’s STOP lip services to the electors

Hope you understand what I mean in title of this post!! Particularly at this juncture.

The following is from a speech by the Prime Minister of India:

  • Let me also take this opportunity to reaffirm our Government's commitment to providing an enabling environment conducive to the growth of the corporate sector in our country. We wish to provide a level playing field for private businesses, free from fear or favour. I am aware of the nervousness in some sections of the corporate sector arising out of the powers conferred upon Governmental authorities to tap phones for protecting national security and preventing tax evasion and money laundering. While these powers are needed in the world that we live in, they have to be exercised with utmost care and under well defined rules, procedures and mechanisms so that they are not misused. We must also look for solutions through technology to prevent access of telephone conversation to systems outside the institutional framework of government. Legal mechanisms already exist and they are in place. They need to be strengthened for more effective enforcement.

  • Businesses, by their very definition, need to be profitable. But the manner in which they use natural resources and the extent to which they are sensitive to the needs and aspirations of the common man is also critical to their own long-term survival and growth. Market activity that concentrates wealth without empowering the poor and the deprived is also unacceptable ethically. I am sure our business leaders are aware that business practices of some corporate houses have recently come under intense public scrutiny for their perceived ethical deficit. 

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