Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Clean up or perish should be the message

 Mr.Rekhy is one of the finest human beings. I had brief opportunity to work with him some years ago.

From Good governance creates value By Richard Rekhy

  • While liberalisation paved the way for India’s success story, the cue was picked up by the corporate world and it is private enterprise and corporate leadership that has steered India towards this growth. Corporate India understands the importance of governance. Well-governed companies have always got better valuations and have inspired other entrepreneurs to follow in their footsteps. Maybe, it is time for corporate India to lead the way and infuse the country with good governance practices. Clean up or perish should be the message. Companies sho­uld make it clear through policy and action that there is zero tolerance to fraud and corruption. Let us not blame the eco system of this country for fraud and corruption to exist and thrive. There are many examples of ethical and well- governed companies in India that we can learn from.

  • Governance is a state of mind, it does not need rules and regulations. While regulation and law can assist governance, the place we in India have to get to is where we follow governance in every walk of life; and ethics penetrate the heart and soul of every action that we take. As we end the year 2010, let us hope that India will move towards a culture of good governance and that the government will recognise that it will fail in its mission to build India into an economic powerhouse unless it lays down a strong foundation of ethics and values and de­monstrates that through action. What we need is enforcement and examples of the guilty being given appropriate punishment for their crimes.

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