Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bribe to god or earthly sins

Kiran Karnik, on Promise of Philanthropy:

  • Thanks to an overpowering government, bureaucracy and an increasingly materialistic society, corruption has been growing. Apparently so have the attempts to bribe God, judging from the booming collections at religious shrines.

  • The ‘Tirupati syndrome’ — putting money, gold and jewellery in the hundi at the temple, presumably in the hope of being thereby absolved of earthly sins —extends to giving money for all kinds of religious and ritualistic causes. However, donations for social causes are difficult to come by. The large and growing middle class, despite the prosperity brought by economic boom, is yet tight-fisted when it comes to non-religious charity.

  • The industry-government relationship has moved from antagonism to cooperation (sometimes, sadly, only for personal benefit) and spurred economic growth. It is time for industry to now take the initiative and forge a strong partnership with civil society to take forward the agenda of going beyond economic growth, even beyond inclusive growth, to real and holistic development.

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