Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013

Thank you all for your kind support and being part of the Hayek Order blog. 

I will try and post more and more blog posts often in 2014.

It’s time, to say goodbye to the year 2013, as always, the year 2013 was both good and bad to me both personally and professionally. But personally, the year was more bad than good! Professionally it is actually other way around. Anyway, it’s ending finally.

Wish you all happy new year, may the almighty and the nature give you a good health, peace and prosperity in new year.

I sincerely hope to do some good work in 2014. Some new and interesting assignments have already landed!

Looking at the prevailing politico economics of India at the moment, its really disturbing in many ways. The hardcore liberals are once again disintegrating themselves and moving apart to join other parties hands. And others are in silence as usual in the past. These are bad signal for youth in India who have seen the fruits of economic reforms and globalization etc. I will try my best and do good works in my own way.

Here are my major publications in 2013:

English articles
2.  Aspirations of emerging giants,Pragati: The Indian National Interest Review, June, 2013
3. History of Indian economic thought: the forgotten subject, Pragati: The Indian National Interest Review, March, 2013

Tamil Articles (on National Food Security Act, Amartya Sen vs Bhagwati, free market economic thoughts of B R Ambedkar, Manmohan Singh's UPA in line with Indire Gandhi govt.):

Other unedited blog post articles at CPPR.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Year End Posts

Another year is ending and almost a last day is left. The year gone is filled with full of changes with all kinds including many negative change! And I liked them! But the understanding gone in to it is not measurable and only the future will tell me the really use of it in life and work.

Nevertheless here are some good reading, though nothing new is discovered. The fools piece on Reimagining India is really stupid one!

Intractable, vulnerable and contestable by Subir Gokaran

India can win the gold game by S Gurumurthy