Thursday, July 7, 2011

C V Raman, the classical liberal

Arvind Kumar  and Arun Narendhranath writes in the DNA:

  • Sir CV Raman, who argued, “We must largely build upon the intelligence, energy and enterprise of individuals, which can only be forthcoming if they can hope to reap the results of their personal efforts. I do not think state enterprise as such is likely to be very  successful in Indian conditions.” When he visited the United States, he attributed the prosperity and efficiency of the country to the system of “free and unfettered private enterprise”.


  1. An old article, read on stumble last month.

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  2. Nice! Raman is one of my favourites, and I was very proud to have studied in the college he founded (Central College, Bangalore) - for six months.

    Keep this coming. We need to discover our great Indians and contrast them with the shallow ones who rule India today.

  3. Mando and mine’s friendship was a 21st century one interview a social media one. Despite this, he is one of the best people I never met.