Friday, July 29, 2011

Essay won for C Rajagopalachari Essay Competition 2011

Here is concluding para of an essay that won the “C Rajagopalachari Essay Competition 2011” The beautiful and lucidly explained essay is by Neeraj Kumar Singh.

Neeraj says:
  • “If one could travel through time to mark the times and places when men have been prosperous, those points would be coincident with greater economic, political and personal freedom. The economic progress that India has seen in the last 20 years is a result of increased freedom. Through this essay I have tried to bring forth the areas where our freedoms are still restricted by the state. If these un-freedoms are removed, India can achieve its true potential and simultaneously move towards being a freer society.  The project of liberty has never been carried to its conclusion anywhere and India is no exception. The road remains only half-built.  The bottom-line is that the road to liberty needs to be built soon enough. I sincerely hope that this project is not contracted out to the government.” 

The full essay is available here (PDF).

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