Monday, December 6, 2010

Freak Nude market!!!!!!!

After this piece I was wondering how the Freakonomics respond to the challenges faced in the Nude Market in India. Quite vulnerable in many ways that is too in Indian society!

When I think about the participants (the female side) of Nude Market I feel unbelievably threatened by all means, i.e, morally, mentally, physically, etc. Just read their comments in the article:

“When they first asked me to take off my clothes and pose, I was terrified. But over the years, I have learnt to treat it like any other job. I even like the idea that I am a work of art,”

“Initially, I felt a lot of shame in taking off my clothes in front of so many people. But after a few months, I realised it was better than rag-picking or cleaning toilets,” she says. She earns about Rs 800 a day from three sittings.

“Some of the models had day jobs as typists or supermarket attendants. I paid them well and I did not show their faces. I was looking for a particular kind of aesthetic. But other people see this differently.”

“I do not entertain any requests from men to ‘work’ at their houses. I once beat up a boy with a hockey stick because he threatened to expose me to my family,” she says.

A few months ago, a Gujarati paper ran a story claiming that the university was corrupting young Gujarati girls by making them pose nude. “For a few months, we had to discontinue nude studies,” says Indrapramit Roy, a teacher at MSU. Karishma was one of the models the paper “exposed”.

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