Friday, December 12, 2008

‘We choose butter rather than guns’ what economist can do?

Economist Bibek Debroy writesDoes an economy produce butter or guns? The UPA government’s choice was clear. It opted for butter rather than guns…”. Yet once again it seems that people are ready to choose “butter rather than guns” evidence from the recently held five state election of which three states voted for congress. 

However, let us note the terrorism trade “ndia may not be the country worst-affected by terrorist acts, but it has had its fair share in 2008 and December isn’t over yet. If one leaves out acts attributed to Maoists, there was Jaipur in May (63 dead, 213 injured), Bangalore (2 dead, 20 injured) and Ahmedabad in July (49 dead, 160 injured), Delhi in September (30 dead, 90 injured and 3 dead, 23 injured in a second incident), Gujarat and Maharashtra in September (8 dead, 30 injured), Agartala in October (4 dead, 100 injured), Guwahati in October (5 injured and 84 dead, 470 injured in a second incident), Srinagar in October (4 injured) and Mumbai in November (160 dead, 327 injured). There is a Worldwide Incidents Tracking System (WITS), with a broader definition of terrorism. Between 1 January 2004 and 30 June 2008, this database reports 4115 terrorist incidents for India. 4814 people were killed, 10658 injured and 2497 taken hostage. These figures are colossal and include less-visible incidents too”. 

But thanks to my friend Jayakamal who sent this article to me and don’t forget to read this excellent one by Economist Thomas Sowell who says “They didn't strike again here, even though they have struck in Spain, Indonesia, England and India, among other places. Does anyone imagine that this was because they didn't want to hit America again?”.

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