Monday, December 8, 2008

Change the Men and Ideas First?

Note the So called Liberal Mr Das 

I hate to read when people writes like this one by “Speaking of the global financial crisis, Sonia Gandhi recently applauded Indira Gandhi's bank nationalisation of 1969, saying that it had given India “stability and resilience”. Like the Bourbons of France, our political class neither learns nor forgets anything. I don't think Sonia Gandhi realises quite what she was saying.” 

It does not make sense if he says “I don't blame Nehru for adopting the wrong economic model as socialism was the wisdom of his age; I blame Indira for not reversing course as sensible countries in East and Southeast Asia did. Even China changed in 1978, but we had to wait till 1991. She multiplied by zero and put us back by a generation. ” 

If he don’t blame the Nehru folly ‘socialism’ who can blame then? There is no such thing as it is better to have lesser evil than the actual evil or the lesser evil is not revived the old evil.

It is once again that Mr Das mind losses the liberal idea.

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