Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Refuting the sufferings of gods child

“The secret to writing 26 books is to be unemployed from time to time,” quipped Arun Shourie, author, journalist, scholar and politician, releasing Does He Know a Mother’s Heart? - his 26th book."

It only sounds modest when Arun himself says" “I am not a creative writer. I am lawyer, and all my books are arguments for the prosecution, whether it is on Ambedkar or on suffering.” 

I just received the copy of this book, was curious to read this book as I read his other book worshiping false god.


  1. Hi Chandra....can you post your review of Worshiping False God

  2. Hi Narasinga,

    I have read the book, and deeply thought through few aspects and came out with different opinion about the book and the arguments. But I have not written them fully. Yes it is worth to read the book and ponder it why he did not say few words on others like the caste system in which the SC/ST lived for very long.