Thursday, September 8, 2011

Men at work, Don’t disturb Economists!!

A veteran liberal politician Jaswant Singh wrote on Arun Shourie in the Indian Express-Financial Express which has published a collection views focusing last 20 years and next 20 years of Indian economy.

The following lines are greatest among I read on economists of this sunny world in policy making. Singh wrote:
  • The policy I took in the Finance Ministry was that we must put money in the hands of the citizen and give him the encouragement to save and also spend. I am extremely suspicious of economists. I toyed with the idea of putting up outside my office a placard saying ‘Men at work, economists please stay away’. My officers persuaded me not to. But I did persuade my colleagues in the Finance Ministry of getting out of the habit of saying no. We, I told them, are not a new version of Dr No made famous in a James Bond movie. Instead, we are in the business of improving the general mood of the country through our policies and actions. During my time, we worked out a resolution of the L&T issue from Grasim. The process worked beautifully. There were so many of those (p.23).
He is writing a book on our greatest liberal Rajaji, I can't wait for long!!!

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