Monday, September 26, 2011


Do you know, how Communist Party of India (CPI) lies?

Here is an example:

"Vajpayee’s NDA appointed a committee under Aditya Birla to recommend reforms in higher education in 2009"

Let me say what I heard about the writer of the above line-D Raja. He is my district in Tamil Nadu, in the north western part of the State. He was a middleman for disputes cases, yes all kinds of cases. Mostly he got huge money from farmers by playing middleman in doing all kinds of odd jobs between the high officials of district collector and the farmers.

Secondly, during my visit to Kolkata early this year in one of the function organised by some local group reportedly circulated some notices that under the 2G spectrum it was D. Raja who looted all that thousands of crorers and not the A Raja! Whatever may be the mistake, the story is aptly fitting.

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