Monday, September 12, 2011

No Big Surprise

Here is leading Dalit intellectual's criticism on my Ambedkar's article (Pdf). This is one criticism I have waited for long to kick off the lies and misunderstanding of Ambedkar's free market ideas. Of course, it was not big surprise to me.

In my view it is he who counts as completely misunderstood Dailt. It is the disgrace to the Dalit community. Of course, it is the disgrace to the writings of Dr Ambedkar who stood most of the time while analyzing economics outside the ideology of any particular.

Here I stop.

Rests you know, if you have some time, please go through the relevant literature available in the internet. 

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  1. Mr. Anand thinks that Dalits were better in Socialist India (before 1990) and now they are not as free as they were. Blacks were facing the same discrimination in US as Dalits were facing in India, but you can see that Blacks have progressed well there without quota/reservation. I don't see which socialist countries have achieved its true objectives. Only FREE society can give equal opportunity and so prosperity.