Wednesday, December 31, 2008

College is for learning how to think

VV writes in the BS about “Elementary DNA of James Watson” 

What is interesting to me is the “College is for learning how to think  

“From Childhood:

  Accept only advice that comes from experience, not revelation.

  Hypocrisy in search of social acceptance erodes your self-respect.

From Adolescence: 

  College is for learning how to think.

  Knowing “why” (an idea) is more important than learning “what” (a fact.)

  New ideas usually need new facts.

  Seek out bright as opposed to popular friends.

From Young Adulthood to University:

  Keep Your Intellectual curiosity much broader than your thesis objective.

  Extend yourself intellectually through courses that initially frighten you.

From Observing Leo Szilard and Max Delbruck:

  Avoid Boring People.

  Science is highly social.

  Leave a research field before it bores you.

From Postdoctoral Years at Cambridge:

  Never be the brightest person in the room.

  Work with a teammate who is your intellectual equal.

  Always have someone to save you.

From Early Years at Harvard:

  Bring your research into your lectures.

  Challenge your students’ abilities to move beyond facts.

  Academic institutions do not easily change themselves.

From Chapters relating to Teaching Experience and the Nobel Prize:

  Travel makes your science stronger.

  Exaggerations do not void basic truths.

  Controversial recommendations require political backing.

  Challenge rage through intermediaries”.

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