Monday, March 19, 2012

Yet, half change in DSE

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Here goes the first installment!

It is not that easy or common to hear from the professors at Delhi School of Economics arguing in favour of directly financing for something or other thing in India. But here is an exceptional! 

Prof Rohini says "The budget speech reflects seriousness on the problems of governance and waste within the public sector. Completing the Aadhaar project will allow all transfers to go through a reliable and common database. Experiments such as pricing domestic LPG at market prices and giving subsidies directly to consumers seems a useful step in controlling leakages and eliminating black markets.

But I still wounder why these same professors are not getting the similar logic and reasoning in respect of directly funding the students/trainees in schools and training institutions in India?

In the view of misguided scheme like MGNREGA, it took years to realize the fact this scheme has alone caused the raise of labour cost in the manufacturing in India.

Here is a quick reflection on the Budget, Rural Development Ministers saying about NREGA and the realistic assessment of the damages done by NREGA.

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