Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Morning Readings

In today's Bare Talk column. Dr Ananth says that "On the international stage, the Group of 20 (G-20) is dead." And therefore the "only way the world can find a sustainable way to grow in future is to abandon the US intellectual framework that defined the post-World War II global economy. For that, the US economic and intellectual dominance have to be replaced with wisdom appropriate and relevant to developing nations with their own long civilizational histories. That, in turn, requires that developing nations stop fighting with one another, bury their differences and forge a durable alliance."

Instead of "who wants a federal front?" where is the "federal front"?

Many of you may not know, late Prof V K R V Rao's close relative is S L Rao. He says that:
"It is wrong to attribute the budget’s deficiencies only to coalition compulsions. The budget does do something right, especially on investment, but fails on many other fronts. It does not ensure growth or assure that inflation will remain under control. With general elections due in 2014, this is the last year that the United Progressive Alliance could take bold decisions. It has not taken them. This will ensure that the economy will be under stress and that the 2014 elections will be fought on economic grounds. And with a Congress that had let the country down badly on what was assumed to be its strength, namely economic management."

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