Thursday, March 22, 2012

The scions of those dynasties

There is a consensus in academia both India and abroad about whether Nehru ruling was far more freer or his daughter's ruling as Prime Ministers of India. Most people agree that the former is factually correct and the later is incorrect. In fact, Indira's ruling ruined more than what it did for the country. The moot question I am underlining here is neither is true. Even learned people tend to make blind mistakes. I was told by several well known economists in India (whom I don't want name here) that until Nehru's period India was going on ''right path'', what they mean right path is only they knows how they define; but one thing clear to me when I discuss with them that these people simply are not aware of what Rajaji and others wrote about the kind of economic system we need in India and the long tradition of economic freedom. Half a century later we realized that we are ahead of terrible path!

With these words, let me quote to you from today's newspapers:

From ToI lead article:  "Lecherous Kennedys. Dictatorial Nehru-Gandhis. Bushes on the warpath. We do not care. Let the dynasties live on. We will always give the next generation another chance." The wild game is here in this article is the India-US politics: Rahul Gandhi vs Mitt Romney

Bachi says something funny, yet cruel joke!. She says "Karl Marx may have had a considerably different take, but ever since UPA-1 decided to jettison the CPM, we have had to follow Groucho instead." Hold your breath! She goes to say "Welfare states know the dangers of poverty becoming a lifestyle choice. But when our politicians get into the act, it is more pernicious."

I do have a story may be slightly different from this one for my small writings.

Private school revolution in Bihar Perhaps I should mention what the spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said yesterday about government schools in India. He said "It's often seen that boys from government schools are into Naxalism and violence. Those from the private education system are not into these things. They move ahead with an ideal and teachers are responsible for it," 

Who said it is completely wrong to be "illiberal"

OK, let's ponder over this one para: "When we have carped a bit about the ethical wasteland our society seems to have become, we say “schools must teach values, that is the long-term solution”. It’s just another one of the kicks, which Shukla laconically observed."

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