Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Human rights industry

Arvind concludes with the below paras in his latest article in DNA: 
  • "Corruption is rampant in the so-called human rights organisations and they routinely make false charges against weaker countries. These charges are used either to justify some aggressive action of the governments in Europe and the US or to bully the weaker countries into joining their certification schemes. Those who do not cooperate are blackballed as violators of human rights and trumped up charges are made against them. Leaders are accused of oppressing the people, riots are described as pogroms, and the employees in the human rights industry write articles in the media against their targets without revealing their affiliations.
  • The human rights industry naturally attracts and employs those who feed off the system — the leftists, the centrists and the socialists. Many organisations like Amnesty International push the leftist agenda and are guilty of participating in extortion schemes. There is no reason to let the human rights industry harass businesses and live off the hard work of other people. They must be given the same treatment as extortion gangs and must be put out of business."

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