Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Growth mania

Mostly today's Indian newspapers are talking about growth vs poverty.

While Indian Express expressed "Any public debate on poverty tends to blend reason and emotion." The ET says that economic growth helps in reducing poverty but interventionist scheme like NREGA is an important tool for that makes limited sense.

Prof Panagariya has a piece in ET which argues that Rajiv Gandhi had no political game of fame of his own in winning elections. All he used was the political game developed by his mother and grandfather.

Budgeted failure: The left people never try to see other side of the same coin as far as the freeing of gold import is  concerned. Here is poor professor who argues for more restriction of gold import.

Liberal economist Dr Ashok V. Desai says: "The finance minister has chosen to tax gold. This in my view is stupid; gold is so easy to smuggle that taxing it will collect no revenue and revive gold smuggling." 

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