Sunday, March 25, 2012

Another vote motive

The imbecile is talking about striking balance of federalism in India. Why can't the Union Government better manage the national security first and leave all else to State Governments?

The DNA newspaper chief editor Mr Aditya says, rightly, that:
  • "No governance means that citizens will be spared large social expenditures such as the farmers’ loan waiver or the proposed food security bill or other such plans which are basically meant to bribe a section of voters. No governance means that we will not suffer crony capitalism such as the gifting away of land or coal or gas or other natural resources to big industrialists in an opaque and suspect manner. No governance means less chance of a scam, now that everyone is breathing down the government’s neck, ready to whip out a draft CAG report when there’s a whiff of graft or pestering it for a Lokpal bill."

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