Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's the System, Stupid

Last week on my way to Hyderabad I had wonderful meeting with Prof P V Indiresan who writes a column in The Business Line.We talked about different issues dealing with politics, society and leaders in India.

The latest column begins with: "Habit is a very persistent thing. You remove the ‘h' in it, ‘a bit' remains. You remove further the ‘a,' the ‘bit' remains. You remove the ‘b,' ‘it' still remains. You remove the ‘t,' ‘i' remains. It is the ‘i' that is the most troublesome part. Practically, none of us is self-critical. All of us have so much ego that none of us will give up our habits — even when they are wrong."

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Historian Ramachandra Guha writes  "The elections recently held in Uttar Pradesh are, in this respect, a radical departure from the historical trend. Unlike Kerala in 1957, Tamil Nadu in 1967, West Bengal in 1977, or Andhra Pradesh in 1983, in this case the Congress entered the polls not as a dominant behemoth but as a party on the margins, seeking desperately to make a comeback in a state where it has had little influence in recent years."

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