Tuesday, February 15, 2011

MPS Asia Regional Meeting- One

The 2011 MPS meeting theme was: India as Global Power: Practicing Liberal Values at Home and Abroad

This is the Second MPS meeting in India till now. The primer free market economics think tank in India, the Centre for Civil Society (CCS) had co-organized the First Mont Pelerin Society in Goa on January 27-30, 2002. The theme was: Freedom and Development: Making Democracy Work.

Attending the MPS Asia Regional Meeting was more than interesting but it was great fun. I have learned a lot. I have met many persons whose writings I read for several years. I had long conversation with some of these hard-core liberals on different issues. I have also met people whom I knew and are all concerned about liberalism in India. Thanks to the CCS for giving me the opportunity to participate in the MPS Meeting. However, I had expected some of others persons who are all often talk and write about liberalism in India; but they did not come for the MPS Meeting. I really have no clue about why they did not turn for this event.

But eight years after the democracy is stuck now rather to work. But we did not stop talking about the superpower!! This is the difference between the basic value or principle of Indian epic Mahabharata and Greek epic. In the later case you can get on to the next level of doing things but in the former case you have to justify why do we stuck, who is responsible etc. But this is not to say that we are all argumentative Indian!!

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