Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Taxation is coercive-morally

That is what I said to one of my new friend in 2006. At that time and now he works with NGOs. We had long debate about this simple logic. I told him that we the people of this country elect representatives every five years to the place called Parliament and make our life, liberty and property protective but that dos't not happen. I simply told to my friend that the Elected Representative have no right to VOTE on behalf of the people for Taxing our hard earned money by all means and all grounds especially and (more importantly) Morally. He kept on asking me, how to think in practical life about this idea. I told him that we need to take away the power from the so called Representative of People and States from the Parliament by law to tax. He still ponder on it!! I still believe it by virtue of natural law or an order!!


  • Democracy sucks.
  • Unions hurt more than they help.
  • Campaign spending is political speech.
  • Economic inequality does not undermine democracy or democracy’s role in establishing and protecting equal liberty.
  • Economic rights are as important as political and civil rights, and should be just as vigilantly protected, even if  that leads to huge inequalities, which do not, by the way, threaten democracy or the value of political and civil rights.
  • Taxation is coercive but imprisoning the guy who nicked your lawn gnome isn’t.                        

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