Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Getting polluted for power

It sounds big when Mr.Kiran asks
  • Why, the writers might enquire, is technology not being used to ensure an efficient and transparent transfer of funds to the beneficiaries, as also to streamline the public distribution system for food grain? Why is our world-beating IT industry's expertise not being more extensively used to first reengineer and then make cost-effective the systems and processes connected with governance, healthcare, law enforcement, traffic management, etc?  

But the reason of his mind goes all the way to square one which is nothing but the absolute power hunter in the business cum politics in local and global. See what he said in the same column: 
  • The letter might reiterate the collective aspiration of a happy, healthy, caring and compassionate society, with equality of opportunity and social justice. It would ask whether present policies are attuned to this goal, and urge that the right to good health and right to food be enacted as laws, along with a universal right to livelihood (as a progression from right to work). It would condemn the illegal campaign of intimidation against human rights activists, demand the release of Binayak Sen and an end to state-sponsored, private, armed gangsters who are only spurring an escalating cycle of violence. 

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