Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Who catches mice in the gym-Chinese or Indian?

The young libertarian Abheek writes:

"I joined a swanky gym and shelled out the extra dough for a personal trainer. Though my trainer is, yes, ethnic Chinese, I'm using the term "Chinese trainers" loosely. I know other trainers who qualify too. Whoever they are, these trainers have certain traits. For instance, they won't allow you to:

• Arrive late for a training session;
• Miss, postpone or reschedule a training session;
• Take a break during the session;
• Complain about not getting a break during the session.

What Chinese trainers understand is that no exercise is fun until you're strong. And to get strong you have to lift a lot of weights over and over again. We unfit, lazy sloths never want to lift weights on our own, but once we get the trainer's praise and see some results, our self esteem rises."

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