Friday, February 18, 2011

How to analyze the public polices?

I have been thinking a freakonomics way of looking at things and how to analyze the public polices in general and the policy decisions taken by the politicians, bureaucrats, dominant private companies, corporate in particular. One may look at their behavioural pattern in private and personal life. In fact, one can very easily think of this particular method of thinking in healthcare and education that has been provided to their children, relatives etc. because most of these people sent their children to private schools and invariably argue for public schools for poorer children. Similar, for the abysmal healthcare centres for the poor and quality private healthcare for their personal.

The big problem is that where we get the data or information? Even if you prepare a questionnaires will these interest group accept and provide necessary information?

Is there any study in the world looking at this sort of analysis?

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  1. You might be looking for this website....may be this would satisfy your thrust for knowing policy junctures.....