Thursday, February 17, 2011

MPS Asia Regional Meeting-Two

Let me give you some sort of mixed picture from what I have noted from the various talks given by economists and experts in the MPS meeting on the opening dinner (Feb 10th, 2011).

Dr.Parth J Shah gave introduction with few facts about the CCS’s success stories such as its campaign (BAMBOO IS NOT A TREE!) against bamboo as a tree instead a grass, school choice campaign (education voucher or 25 percent reimbursement by Government) etc. He also mentioned that this is the second meeting organized in India.

He also mentioned that the amendments in the Shop and Establishment Act by the Government of Haryana paved a major window of opportunity to open call centres in India. Haryana was the first State in India to reform the above Act.

Professor Deepak Lal, who was immediate past President of MPS, gave Welcome Address. What was interesting from his address was that unfortunately the MPS society is divided when it comes to the debate of foreign polices!! He also said that this Society is not addressing the issues raised in the context of foreign polices.

The present President of MPS is Professor Kenneth Robert Minogu and he gave President Address. Few points from his address: (i) one point we should not be too taken by media that India, the global power, it is dangerous to think this and the State, (ii) he talked about the Prof F A Hayek’s works on the false government aims , promotion of welfare with debts, and (iii) the universal orders or spontaneous orders.

The MPS Asia Regional Meeting’s Inaugural Address (Full Paper in PDF) was given by Shri. Arun Shouri. Some major points from my noting: (i) India’s economic growth story is taking place despite of the government and not because of government has claimed to be, (ii) the former prime minister of India who initiated the economic reform in 1990s was the “honest crook”!!!, (iii) please do not go by your vision, please do not go with their past record, (iv) the Hayek’s notion of liberalism, (v) all political parties in India run by people who believe in nothing, (vi) the Indian family values for care each other which is actually the driving force for growing economy, (vii) morality is public life, (viii) the welfare polices are being promoted, despite of its weakness, with the blessings of people like Amartya Sen, (ix) natural order of society, virtual foundation of society, (x) a dog with a bone is his mouth cannot park.

Raj Cherubal had asked the important question which people like us ponder: what would the answer of Professor F A Hayek if he is alive in the mid’s of today’s crisis in India and abroad?

Mr Shouri answered rightly that the development and growth is taking place in a particular society not because of government but despite of it. But one can easily argue that Mr.Shouri is biased.

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