Thursday, February 17, 2011

Manmohan Singh has more shades of the devious politics of Narasimha Rao than we realise

Please read the title of this post keeping in mind what Mr Shouri said during the MPS meeting about Mr.Narasimha Rao!!

Prof Mehta writes: 
  • The PM’s responses were artful in many respects. But the timing and content of these responses are likely to leave the country more rather than less confused. 

  • The lollipop character of the questions asked by the distinguished journalists suggests buying into the line that the government as a whole does not have much to account for. Not one probing question was asked about this government’s rampant decimation of institutions. Even the one thing the PM directly signed, the controversial appointment of the CVC, was conveniently forgotten. Unless there are fresh revelations, Raja, Kalmadi and maybe Ashok Chavan will be history in a few months, sacrificial goats that will have expatiated our longing that someone pays. The interaction was not designed to clear the air about what happened. It was designed to say: “Calm down, Raja is out, I am an honest guy and guess what, I am an economist too.”

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