Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Same Old Centralized Planning

Here is my latest work first published at CPPR. A bit from the piece:

  • "It was even very funny, when the Hindi movie “Peepli Live” was screened in the Planning Commission, most of the officials said to be laughed for their foolishness. As news item reported in The Times of India (22-9-2010) an official saying “the movie is an eye-opener for many experts, who have never visited rural areas but have framed many development schemes”. It is pathetic that government elected by the people frames schemes for people without even knowing the situation in which they live."


  1. I am very pleased to meet you - a gov bureaucrat interested in Austrian economics - reading Hayek & Sowell. You are an asset for India!

  2. Nizam Ahmad,

    Thanks for your kind words!