Monday, March 18, 2013

Nation’s cost

Eminent Indian economist S L Rao asks "...will the Wharton gang who got the university to disinvite Modi be consistent if it invites Manmohan Singh, Sonia or Rahul Gandhi, or other top Congressmen to speak at its forums? If Modi is guilty of Muslim deaths and uneven development, so are they. These people carry the blot of the Sikh killings in Delhi and the uneven, non-inclusive, unequal, and poor development of India. The University of Pennsylvania’s reaction was immature and unworthy of a great American university. It brings discredit to the university and the gang who made this happen, not to Modi. He did not deserve the insult of being invited and then having it withdrawn on the plea of a confused and attention-seeking junior teacher." I strongly recommend to read his article in full.

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