Thursday, March 21, 2013

Must read articles

From Dr Ashok V Desai article in The Telegraph. A bit from his article:

  • "This is the kind of uneducated point-scoring school kids indulge in. Growth is not an instantaneous function of who is in government. It is a process with leads and lags. The low growth rates under the BJP rule were partly due to a slowdown, which could be attributed to industrial overcapacity resulting from high rates of investment under previous Congress rule and Bimal Jalan’s mishandling of the East Asian crisis as governor of the Reserve Bank of India. Conversely, the high growth under the Congress had much to do with the fact that the BJP refused to protect industry; as a result, industry became internationally competitive, and experienced a spectacular boom in the initial years of Congress rule."
Remember Mr Jalan was nominated Member in the upper house of Indian Parliament.

Friend Harsh and Rajeev has good piece in the Livemint. A bit from their piece:
  • "Leading public intellectuals and media commentators feed people the lie that it is now all about “inclusive growth” that would be achieved by redistributing the limitless gains of India’s entrepreneurial capitalism. Meanwhile, the aam aadmi is confused about why India has so many scams and such poor governance, both of which happen largely because the government chooses to enter domains where it has no direct role to play.That socialist era hasn’t quite passed and may be upon us once again—a godmother who professes to give people everything they need can also take away everything they have. Citizens should be wary."

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