Friday, March 15, 2013

"We are bold, and we are right…."

For every reason, there is a need for supporting the recently launched website "Niti Central" for helping us to understand the "if" and "buts" of what is good for our country. Below is a bit from that website's main motive:
  • "The Establishment, needless to say, has become synonymous with the Congress. It is this undeclared alliance that guides the interests of our ‘national’ or ‘mainstream’ media which are often indistinguishable from those of the Congress. Contrived Centre Left ideology, really no more than a bogus veneer and as shallow as ‘Breaking News’, serves as a useful cover for mutually shared, and reflected, biases.
  •  We believe enormous damage has been inflicted on India and the innate potential of Indians by pursuing policies designed to garner votes. We believe that every year that is wasted in the pursuit of such policies sets us back by many years.
  • Worse, missed opportunities and wasted years (for evidence, look at the last eight years) threaten to drag us back to where we once belonged: Nehruvian socialist misery.
  • We are not in the business of peddling frivolous ‘Breaking News’ or piffle as profound wisdom. We are not hostage to the Delhi-based bogus Left-liberal commentariat. We are not drum-beaters of the Establishment. We do not believe that any single individual or dynasty has the divine right to rule (as opposed to govern) India."

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