Thursday, November 4, 2010


That is how it sounds in the ET Now interview with Nandan and Tom. At least the following three questions are important:

Is accessibility going to be the driver of inclusive growth?

Tom: One of the learnings about the flat world is to tie things in. If you can get three things right, you will do great. Good governance, economic policies in place and third and very important is education because you need skilled workers to be in place as the collaborators to be in the right place in the flat world. Nandan is, for example, working in that element of the flat world, which is governance and bringing it to the people.

Do you think Obama's going to be constrained this time due to the political storm brewing back home?

Tom: I think he is actually looking forward to the India trip to get away from the political maelstrom back home. Obama is going to be President for two more years and two, there is no Republican at the moment who I would argue can beat him in an election. He has to figure out how he gets the most out of his tenure.

Yes, what will those be?

Tom: India cannot afford a hostile China and we are not advocating that either. But there is India's socialist legacy. There are communities here that are uncomfortable with globalisation. We in America have to be very humble and approach this brick by brick. I think that's what you are going to hear Obama talk about. Let's work in agriculture, healthcare, let’s work on open trade to take the relationship beyond civil, military, nuclear to something really deep between the two countries.

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