Thursday, November 25, 2010

The leaders pooh-poohed

Oh what a zeal? To write the below sentence!!

  • “There are winds of change in India that can only further gladden the hearts of eternal optimists — and even bring cheer to the pessimists.

And who has said is none other than the “No Proof Required” walla!! And he continues:

  • “While the Congress has been busily, and arrogantly, spending wasteful money on high corruption in the name of the poor, in, for example, programmes like NREGA (only 50 per cent of jobs claimed to have been created by the government seem to have actually been created according to NSS figures) Nitish started a cash-transfer scheme for girls. Rs 2000 was set aside for any girl that entered the ninth grade. This programme has been so successful that high school girl enrollment has nearly tripled since it started three years ago. Starting this year, the bicycle programme will also be extended to the boys. Nitish Kumar brought development to the poor and they rewarded him. The Congress has constantly tried to legislate morality and development, and has lost embarrassingly.

But forget about the “development” for a movement and I wonder how a chaotic The State can legislate morality of human actions?

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