Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ethics taught by Confucius in China

I have been working on an empirical research paper on technical education in 17th and 18th century. During my literature reading I have come crossed a beautifully structured comparison of India and China on the fundamental of religion:

  • “This brief summary of the Hindu philosophy of life, as influenced by both Brahmanic and Buddhistic thought, will enable us to understand the very theoretical character of ancient education in India. Wuttke strikingly of contrasts it with even the neighboring Oriental, but more practical, system of ethics taught by Confucius in China:

  • " The Chinese” says he, "educate for practical life, the Indians for the ideal; those for earth, these for heaven; those educate their sons for entering the world, these for going out of it; those educate for citizenship, these for priesthood; those for industrial activity, these for knowledge; those teach their sons the laws of the state, these teach them the essence of the Godhead; those lead their sons into the world, these lead them out of the world into themselves; those teach their children to earn and enjoy, these to beg and to renunciate." (page 14).

From the Education in India by William I Chamberlain, This is his PhD Theses published in 1899.

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