Friday, October 16, 2009

Matrix of Diwali =Diligent + Interest+Wisdom+Action+Life+I’m

Matrix of Diwali =Diligent + Interest+Wisdom+Action+Life+I’m

(Row of Lights or Festival of Lights)

Who has named you as Diwali?

Row of Lights or army of Lights

We need freedom!!!

We care your life through ours actions to take along

With the help of the nature which take beyond ours.

You come once in a year,

In the name of glowing lights on our eyes, though blinked often

We put our diligent imbibe throughout the year,

Waiting for you to blink on us through others eyes, mere eyes

The world of nature has no interest in you, but

We the human put every bit of our actions to make you dress well,

With all that lights, minds do makeup it for a good show,

Though we all know that it’s for us

The course of life takes along side of wisdom (no matter how tiny we know)

With these thoughts I wish you a Happy Diwali with glowing peace, joy and prosperity!!


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