Thursday, October 8, 2009

“Economics is the wild card” and “The ascent of man has happened because of this continuous evolution”

Shoba Narayan The Good Life Column has interesting narrative that triggered me into think science is for The Good Life and the arts is for The Bad Life!!

But the latter is not necessary to be but its obvious now!

She writes:

  • The arts are about imagery and storytelling; myth and mystique. The sciences are about the pursuit of truth. The truth is irrelevant to storytelling; and storytelling is anathema to fact-based science.
  • It is not often that an object attracts equal attention of both artists and scientists. Atoms, for instance, fascinate scientists but are of little interest to poets. Ditto for global warming, biochemistry, epidemics and DNA, all of which made recent headlines in science journals, but scarcely made an appearance in the arts. Economics is the wild card as David Hare’s play, The Power of Yes, on the global financial crisis eloquently proves.

Then focuses on the holy moon.

Secondly in a recent interview the actor Kamal Haasan has said something which is not quite settled in the discipline of philosophy, economics and the law (the natural law).

So what did he said?

Are there particular political themes that you try to explore?

  • I’m not a political commentator, but I’m very sure that we have not reached the “ism” that is the panacea for all evils. We may be the world’s largest democracy, but the democracy of ancient Greece, the republic of Rome, then later the founding of America—these are all different beasts. We are in the process of evolving systems: So, I ask why stick to it and make a dogma or a diktat out of it. When people dismiss an ideology, when they say, for example, “There goes communism”, I ask “Why?” Karl Marx has done his bit. It’s part of a continuous evolution. We are yet to arrive at the promised land, and I’m glad. The ascent of man has happened because of this continuous evolution, and not because of diktats that we believe are the final word. That is why you see me playing various parts: to find the logic in each argument. I’m only a spectator, not a legislator.

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