Friday, October 30, 2009

Economically died but politically alive!!

Was the word’s I was musing after reading the interview of Dr T.D. Dogra in the recent issue of Outlook.

He said:

Was she alive when she was brought in?

  • She was clinically alive. We use the word clinically alive when respiration, lungs and brain are functioning. It’s only when they cease to perform permanently and irreversibly that we call the patient clinically dead. So clinically Mrs Gandhi was very much alive when she was being wheeled in to the OT. I recall Sonia Gandhi and R.K. Dhawan being present there.

And you may think why I think Mrs G is economically dead but politically alive because the India economy is very much dead under her rule and after inserting a ‘socialist’ word in the constitution. And the Indian liberals don’t have any idea like where to go now? Hence there is no question of why she is alive in the Indian polity. Meanwhile, in the process the people of this country have been wounded and the rule of law regime is killed without a break. Moreover, the polity of modern India unfolds standing from the tragic image of Mrs G rule though it’s for a while but not sure how for that while is!

Even a well known political scientist says:

  • “.......her economic policies were largely a disaster, making the seventies the truly lost decade of Indian economic growth.

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