Friday, October 30, 2009

ITMMUS: Who said? And what was it?

The words below is authored by The HT's Advisory Editorial Director.

  • “Tony Blair discussed the differences in style between Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Hamid Karzai admitted that while Pakistan was sending terrorists to his country, he knew that Islamabad was sensitive about anything he said about that on Indian soil. Sonia Gandhi explained why and when she decided not to accept the prime ministership. Manmohan Singh expressed his disappointment when it looked as though the nuclear deal would not go through. Nepal's Prachanda made his first international appearance here.
  • Roger Moore said that he thought that Daniel Craig would be a better James Bond than him "because at least he is an actor which I never was". Sania Mirza said she would decide her skirt length according to her own preferences not according to the demands of fundamentalists. Sanjay Dutt told us that his sisters had problems with his wife while Manyaata said Sanjay should join politics. Karan Johar described speculation about his friend Shah Rukh Khan's sexuality as silly. Shah Rukh himself discussed the making of his six pack. Sourav Ganguly told us what he really thought of Greg Chappell.
  • Madeline Albright told us that she thought that there should be a referendum in Kashmir -- something she never declared openly when she was secretary of state. Henry Kissinger said that he did not think that India would ever get a Security Council veto even if it became a permanent member. Sonia Gandhi declared that as much as people ran down Indira Gandhi over bank nationalisation, the global economic crisis proved that Indira had been right all along. Asif Zardari offered a No First Use nuclear pact to India.

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