Saturday, October 31, 2009

Economically died but politically alive-I

As the nation remember Mrs G’s on her 25th death anniversary the human actions tends to express in different ways. One of them is through words in this way some of Indian liberals temporarily become ‘socialist’ or ‘leftist’ for the sake of one or day for one or two piece of article which they write.

Here are some lists which I think throws some strong arguments of course mixed it seems to be. In fact there is pattern in these lists. As a reader you will find those so called ONE DAY non liberals in India!

Mrs G force

  • ...dynasty and her left-wing economic policies which they argued had severely damaged India.
  • .....the legacy of Sanjay Gandhi (a man whose notorious record has led the Congress to photoshop him out of its history)!

Judging Indira Gandhi

  • ...the moral is clear: the damage you do to other things will eventually be repaired by others. But to repair the damage you do to your own, there is no one.

The Idea of Indira

  • …………the extreme leftward swing in her politics, the passing of so many terrible, retrograde economic legislations that her successors are still not able to reverse came not from any genuine commitment to socialism, but as an ideological camouflage for a series of dictatorial and subversive blunders which she was to regret later — “a step not to be taken for another 1000 years” — and for which Sonia Gandhi expressed regret in her interview on NDTV’s Walk the Talk in the run-up to the 2004 election. It was fitting too that that conversation took place in Allahabad’s Anand Bhawan.
She was always the........

  • The BBC did a survey in Allahabad and Panditji came way down in the list of remembered leaders, well after Amitabh Bachchan. Politics is heartless, and there is no place to be sentimental. You cannot personalise a situation in a democracy.

We can see now: Indira truly was India

  • …..she might have blighted the lives of a couple of generations of Indians. Instead, there is a palpable sense of nostalgia and a feeling of admiration.

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