Saturday, October 31, 2009

Make the State Right

Surjit S Bhalla on Naxalite, Maoist, NGOs and their functions and why.

  • …..the main complaints of the N&Ms is that development often does not reach the poor, that it gets eaten up by the state, as official help travels from the centre to the hinterland. This is a complaint that is widely echoed by the liberal intellectuals, as they staunchly defend their defence of the N&Ms. The defence, therefore, has two components; first, that violence is perpetrated by the N&Ms because they have little option; the state has in many instances behaved badly, and is massively corrupt, so corrupt that it would steal from the poor. Second, that the N&Ms are really like any other NGO, going to remote areas, where the middle class does not dare to tread, and helping the poor by telling them about the importance of boiled water.
  • …………they come to power and when they leave, the system, and the poor, is a lot worse off than what it was when they started.

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