Saturday, September 5, 2009

Thought on Edification!

Any one who read and understand the “Thirukkural” (couplets) written by Thiruvalluvar a Tamil poet and saint, can be said as literate! Because it deals with all sort of mans life.

In the original Tamil version it has total of 1330 couplets each couplets have four words in first line and three words in second line. It’s a well thought through words.

Take for example some couplets on “Education” (Translated by Yogi Suddhananda Bharati):

The learned foster learning more

On seeing the world enjoy their lore. (Kural 399)

Learning is wealth none could destroy

Nothing else gives genuine joy. (Kural 400)

Lore worth learning, learn flawlessly

Live by that learning thoroughly. (Kural 391)

Letter, number, art and science

Of living kind both are the eyes. (Kural 392)

As deep you dig the sand spring flows

As deep you learn the knowledge grows. (Kural 396)

All lands and towns are learner’s own

Why not till death learning go on? (Kural 397)

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