Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ideas, society and men in between….

The more I learn about society,

I realise, there is fewer cooperation among men.

The more I learn about nature,

I realise, there is imperfect cooperation among them, but they alone live,

No matter how dispersed are they.


In the society, everybody represents somebody on,

Some or other things at some point of time in their life,

Independent pundits who observes man’s action and nature’s impact at different ends,

Could tell you who represents whom in a society and for what purpose.


Long ago it was invented and is now universal truth that the human action is purposeful,

Children faculty are often said immature and it has no capacity to conceive ideas or anything and react purposefully, Vivekananda asked “who taught the children to suck out mother’s milk after birth”

Alas the adults are also on the same line in most of their life!

Fewer cooperation arise when men conceive by different means,

But by forgetting their common (end) goal- the freedom,

The word freedom represents two things- the best alternative in a given ideas, and that best alternative itself make best choices for human needs which will enrich them like anything!


What men learned from nature is abundant,

What men learned among them is fewer, even primitive!

What The State learned from society is fewer,

What The State learned from nature is fewer.


These are not collected from anywhere but for long mused within myself. Indeed, often I talk to myself on these lines.

Tell me what you think!!

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