Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Police, Politician and People (PPP)

P. Chidambaram on police system:

“It is a matter of deep regret that many police officers have been reduced to a football, to be kicked here and there, from one post to another, without regard to the damage done to the job as well as the officer. I ask you to search your hearts and answer the question, what is the average length of tenure of a District Superintendent of Police? What is the average length of tenure of a Station House Officer? Why do you remain silent when arbitrary postings and transfers are made by the State Government? Is it not your duty, as the head of the State Police, to raise your voice not only on behalf of your officers but also on behalf of the people that you are duty bound to protect? As one famous Judge said, “When there is a duty to speak, silence is culpable”.

Also read B. S. Raghavan’s piece on “Chidambaram's signal service”

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