Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The shrinking universe

Bring back Jagannath Azad’s Pakistan anthem

  • (“Oh land of Pakistan, the stars themselves illuminate each particle of yours/Rainbows brighten your very dust”).

My last wish is to write a song of peace for both India & Pakistan: Azad

  • (Oh land of Pakistan each particle of yours is being illuminated by stars. Even your dust has been brightened like a rainbow." After Jinnah sahib’s death, a new song written by the Urdu poet Hafiz Jallundhari was chosen as the Pakistan’s national anthem.

Ramanujan or Tansen?

  • "...seven types of intelligences could be seen in the human race: Verbal-Linguistic (related to words and language), Logical-Mathematical (related to numbers and logical analysis), Spatial-Visual (imagery and space), Bodily-Kinaesthetic (body movement and coordination), Musical (music, rhythm), Interpersonal (relationships, sensitivity) and Intrapersonal (self awareness and self actualisation). He had also suggested three more — Naturalist (related to nature and the environment), Spiritual-Existential (religion, philosophy) and Moral (ethics and human values). The last two — Spiritual and Moral — are considered too subjective, culture-bound and context-anchored for universal applicability and have been set aside, but Naturalist has been accepted as an area of intelligence, thereby resulting in a total of eight intelligences that are applicable to all mankind. The basic postulate was that each of us would have multiple areas of intelligence, some predominating more than others."

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